Access to the ISDA

To access the ISDA please use the following link:

Start the ISOC Science Data Archive (ISDA) Interface

To run the ISDA Archive through your web browser it must be Java compliant, if not please install the latest Java2 following the instructions provided here.
If you still have problems, go to the ISDA FAQ. Please check the FULL LIST of options for running the ISDA.

The Third IBIS/ISGRI Soft Gamma-ray Survey Catalogue is now included in the ISDA. The full catalogue, including associated light-curves can be accessed via the ISDA browser interface.
Alternatively a FITS file containing source positions and broad-band fluxes can be downloaded by Right Clicking this LINK , and Select the 'Save As' Option.

ISDA Documentation

To help you in using the ISDA we have compiled a few helpful documents:

ISDA Troubleshooting FAQ Troubleshoot common problems.
ISDA Usage FAQ How to accomplish specific search or retrieval tasks.
ISDA Guided Tour A walkthrough of the ISDA to guide new observers.

If you have questions about the ISOC Science Data Archive please contact us via the Integral Helpdesk