ID PI Title Exposure Map
0920001 Kuulkers Regular and frequent INTEGRAL monitoring of the Galactic Bulge region
0920002 Strong Probing relativistic electrons in the Galaxy and its halo
0920005 Bazzano Keeping watch over our Galaxy - the return of the GPS
0920008 Wilms Broad Band Variability of Microquasars: Integral observations of Cygnus X-1 and GRS 1915+105
0920009 Staubert Hercules X-1: Variability of the cyclotron line energy Ecyc and the question of NS free precession
0920010 Walter Active Galactic Nuclei: jet composition, particle acceleration, high energy emission, and their population.
0920011 Sunyaev Broad view on high energy Galactic background: "Galactic Center"
0920012 Krivonos Broad view on high energy Galactic background: "Carina arm region"
0920013 Weidenspointner Continuation of 0820024 - Determining the longitude distribution of the asymmetric e+ radiation from the inner galaxy.
0920014 Sazonov Hard X-ray spectroscopy of two ultraluminous X-ray sources and a low-luminosity AGN
0920015 Bodaghee INTEGRAL Monitoring of the Inner Spiral Arms
0920016 Drave Probing the nature of the circumstellar environment around periastron in SFXTs
0920017 Cherepashchuk Hard X-ray photometry and spectroscopy of SS433 by INTEGRAL
0920021 Ubertini Deep Galactic Anticentre Survey: an INTEGRAL must
0920022 Grebenev Study of the Large Magellanic Cloud and Supernova 1987A (part III)
0920024 Chenevez Hard X-ray study of the ultra-compact X-ray binary 4U 0614+091
0920025 Wilms Observing the Galactic Center Region with INTEGRAL