INTEGRAL Picture Of the Month (POM) Archive [2001-2022]

June 2022
INTEGRAL's SPI/ACS sensitivity to detect Galactic supernovae

May 2022
INTEGRAL detects a GRB with a concurrent fast optical flux rise

April 2022
INTEGRAL dancing with the Moon 'till the Earth's atmosphere

March 2022
INTEGRAL supersedes COMPTEL in measuring the Galactic diffuse MeV emission

February 2022
New approaches for faint source detection in INTEGRAL's hard X-ray survey

January 2022
17-year INTEGRAL hard X-ray sky in one shot

December 2021
Does INTEGRAL detect Sgr B2 since its fading in 2009?

November 2021
Approaching 19 years old, INTEGRAL got dizzy and entered its 9th emergency safe attitude mode

October 2021
Mysterious 6.6 keV emission line structure after the 2011 superburst of EXO 1745-248 revealed by MAXI, RXTE, and INTEGRAL

September 2021
INTEGRAL observes a new Galactic microquasar as it wiggles its tail

August 2021
INTEGRAL: towards the third decade of X and Gamma ray observations

July 2021
INTEGRAL contributing to leapfrogging in hard X-ray polarimetry

June 2021
The INTEGRAL view of TeV sources

May 2021
INTEGRAL finds strong soft gamma-ray emission but no electron-positron pairs in a black hole fed by a donor star

April 2021
INTEGRAL finds giant radio galaxies with multiple activity phases

March 2021
New measurements of the cosmic X-ray background

February 2021
INTEGRAL contributes in the identification of a giant magnetar flare from the Sculptor galaxy NGC 253

January 2021
Using INTEGRAL to observe the high-energy emission of Cygnus X-3

December 2020
Using INTEGRAL to find water mega-maser AGN

November 2020
INTEGRAL: 18 years in orbit

October 2020
INTEGRAL is doing a Z-flip

September 2020
A new mystery of a well-known black-hole binary revealed by INTEGRAL

August 2020
INTEGRAL constraints on primordial black holes and particle dark matter

July 2020
INTEGRAL finds link between magnetar and an FRB-like radio source

June 2020
INTEGRAL recovery from its 8th Emergency Safe Attitude Mode

May 2020
The INTEGRAL Science Operations Centre remote at work

April 2020
INTEGRAL & XMM-Newton observations of GS 1826-238: the clock wagging its tail

March 2020
INTEGRAL measures the vertical position of the Sun with respect to the Milky Way

February 2020
V404 Cyg wakes up from a nap badly out of sync

January 2020
Chasing candidate Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients in the 1,000 orbits INTEGRAL/IBIS catalog

December 2019
INTEGRAL part of multi-point Galactic cosmic-ray measurements across the Solar System

November 2019
INTEGRAL 17 years of operations: the Spacecraft Controller at MOC

October 2019
Hard X-ray imaging of the supernova remnant RX J1713.7-3946 with INTEGRAL

September 2019
Simultaneous observations of Cen X-3 with the INTEGRAL observatory and Spectr-RG/ART-XC telescope

August 2019
Decade-long INTEGRAL observations of SS433 confirm its nature as a super-accreting microquasar with a black hole

July 2019
Positron annihilation kinematics with INTEGRAL/SPI: rotation or not rotation

June 2019
INTEGRAL helps to get to the bottom of a spitting black hole

May 2019
IGR J17503-2636: a new supergiant fast X-ray transient discovered by INTEGRAL

April 2019
INTEGRAL detection of GRB131224A: short GRB or Type-I X-ray burst?

March 2019
Constructing the INTEGRAL IBIS/ISGRI slew survey

February 2019
Integral and XMM-Newton help to find X-ray engine inside mysterious supernova

January 2019
Artificial intelligence unfolding for INTEGRAL IREM data

December 2018
INTEGRAL/SPI observations of its 2nd brightest X-ray transient: MAXI J1820+070

November 2018
12th INTEGRAL Conference / 1ST AHEAD Gamma-ray workshop:
INTEGRAL looks AHEAD to Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

October 2018
Discovery of the 22nd accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar by INTEGRAL

September 2018
The INTEGRAL/SPI 26Al signal from the Scorpius-Centaurus region

August 2018
INTEGRAL joins multi-messenger campaign to study high-energy neutrino source

July 2018
Phenomenological Earth radiation belts modelling using INTEGRAL

June 2018
INTEGRAL/OMC optical observations of the bright nova ASASSN-18fv

May 2018
The mysterious hard X-ray emission of η Carinae

April 2018
INTEGRAL catches the birth of a symbiotic X-ray binary: IGR J17329-2731

March 2018
Which gamma-ray pulsars can be seen by INTEGRAL and why?

February 2018
INTEGRAL Optical and X-ray follow-up of H1145-619

January 2018
INTEGRAL orbits from 2002 to 2017

December 2017
X-ray counterparts to unidentified INTEGRAL sources

November 2017
First detection of Gravitational Waves and Gamma-rays from a Binary Neutron Star Merger: GW170817 and GRB170817A

October 2017
INTEGRAL sheds new light on the local population of active galactic nuclei

September 2017
A broad-band study of the 2015 outburst of EXO 1745-248 with INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton

August 2017
Energetic ESASky

July 2017
Multi-wavelength follow-up of INTEGRAL WEAK IBAS alerts

June 2017
14 years of the INTEGRAL Galactic hard X-ray survey

May 2017
The omni-directional sky seen by INTEGRAL

April 2017
Broad-band high energy emission from the black-hole binary V404 Cyg

March 2017
3C 279: New challenges for jet physics

February 2017
New observation strategy for the OMC calibration

January 2017
The SPI 26Al spectrum from the Orion region

December 2016
Mikhail Revnivtsev
May 3, 1974 – November 23, 2016

November 2016
INTEGRAL Starry Night

October 2016
High-energy gamma-ray emission from the accreting black hole V404 Cygni

September 2016
Twelve years of INTEGRAL observations of the symbiotic star RT Crucis

August 2016
11th INTEGRAL Conference: Gamma-Ray Astrophysics in Multi-Wavelength Perspective

July 2016
The evolution of the accretion disk wind during the violent outburst of the black-hole X-ray transient V404 Cygni

June 2016

May 2016
INTEGRAL flashback: SN2014J in M82 seen in gamma-rays

April 2016
WJ2B5AC: space rock INTEGRAL

March 2016
INTEGRAL maps the Galactic center field in standard X-rays

February 2016
A second look at the Earth with the OMC

January 2016
Is the Crab Nebula a Standard Candle for Polarimetry ?

December 2015
The rainbow of the gamma-ray sky as seen by INTEGRAL

November 2015
A black-hole binary in outburst: INTEGRAL/OMC optical observations of V404 Cyg

October 2015
IGR J17463-2854, a possible symbiotic binary system in the Galactic center region

September 2015
The Scorpius galaxy cluster: a monster hiding behind the Milky Way

August 2015
A 'Black-Hole Scope' used by INTEGRAL and Fermi

July 2015
Black-hole X-ray transient GS 2023+338 (V404 Cyg) wakes up after 26 years of slumber

June 2015
Anatomy of the AGN in NGC 5548

May 2015
Neutron star masses and system parameters of 10 eclipsing high-mass X-ray binaries

April 2015
An unusually long X-ray outburst from the SFXT IGR J18483-0311

March 2015
The radio-active decay of 26Al as revealed by INTEGRAL/SPI

February 2015
How ESA ensures that INTEGRAL does not become space debris

January 2015
The radio and X-ray connection in INTEGRAL AGN

December 2014
INTEGRAL sees aurorae in hard X-rays

November 2014
INTEGRAL resolves a hard tail in Scorpius X-1

October 2014
Witnessing a white dwarf disrupting a mini-Earth

September 2014
The first 56Ni & 56Co radioactive decay gamma-ray lines seen from a Type Ia supernova

August 2014
10th INTEGRAL Workshop: A Synergistic View of the High Energy Sky

July 2014
A hard X-ray cut-off in the spectra of ultraluminous X-ray sources

June 2014
INTEGRAL probes the luminosity distribution of Galactic X-ray binaries

May 2014
A spectral catalogue of gamma-ray bursts

April 2014
IGR J174882338: a bright Giant Radio Galaxy

March 2014
IGR J11014-6103, a supersonic sprinkler in space

February 2014
A first: the OMC sees the Earth

January 2014
Surprising blow-outs from massive stars throughout the Milky Way

December 2013
Tricky wobbling of a super-critical accretion disk in the galactic micro-quasar SS433

November 2013
INTEGRAL observes the Earth occulting GX 301-2 and the CXB

October 2013
A metamorphic pulsar caught in the act of changing its appearance

September 2013
A Multi-wavelength Outburst of the Blazar Markarian 421

August 2013
Discovery of a 5.72-d period in the supergiant fast X-ray transient AX J1845.0-0433

July 2013
Polarized Emission from GRB 061122 and new upper limits on the Lorentz Invariance Violation

June 2013
Solar activity seen by INTEGRAL: pros and cons

May 2013
Tidal disruption of a super-Jupiter by a massive black hole

April 2013
1.8 MeV Gamma-ray Line in the Interstellar Medium

March 2013
Chasing extreme blazars with INTEGRAL

February 2013
An INTEGRAL travel through Galactic space

January 2013
Swift J174510.8-262: a new black-hole transient

December 2012
Polarised high-energy emission from the black hole candidate Cyg X-1

November 2012
Happy Birthday: INTEGRAL celebrates a decade of discoveries

October 2012
The reawakening of a sleeping pulsar

September 2012
GRB 120711A - a bright gamma-ray burst with an unusually long, hard tail

August 2012
The INTEGRAL view of the Galaxy

July 2012
The INTEGRAL SPI veto system observed 25 mysterious bursts

June 2012
A hard X-ray transient discovered by INTEGRAL is revealed by XMM-Newton to be an obscured wind-fed pulsar

May 2012
An unusual radiation environment

April 2012
Discovery of a cyclotron absorption line in the persistent Be/X-ray pulsar RX J0440.9+4431

March 2012
The INTEGRAL/IBIS AGN sample: testing X-ray absorption versus optical classification

February 2012
INTEGRAL unveils very extended hard X-ray emission from the Vela pulsar wind nebula

January 2012
Outburst of the black hole candidate GX 339-4

December 2011
The water maser in the INTEGRAL source IGR J16385-2057

November 2011
MeV - GeV emission from a Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient ?

October 2011
The extreme and variable high-energy sky

September 2011
INTEGRAL tests Einstein relativity

August 2011
Reflected radiation from Seyfert 2 galaxies and the cosmic diffuse background

July 2011
The high energy emission of Cen A

June 2011
The first giant outburst of A0535+26 caught by INTEGRAL

May 2011
Annihilating Positrons in the Galactic Centre Region

April 2011
Polarized high-energy emission from the black hole Cygnus X-1

March 2011
The INTEGRAL/Fermi combined spectrum of the inner Galaxy

February 2011
The Crab Nebula: An 'Unreliable' Calibration Source ?

January 2011
IGR J16328-4726: a new candidate Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient

December 2010
Radioactive 26Al from the Scorpius-Centaurus Association

November 2010
The MAXI X-ray transient - a unique Target of Opportunity

October 2010
Doppler shift of the 1.8 MeV gamma-ray line from 26Al due to large-scale galactic rotation

September 2010
IGR J14003-6326: A new composite supernova remnant G310.6-1.6 harboring one of the most energetic pulsars in the Galaxy PSR J1400-6325

August 2010
The past activity of Sgr A*

July 2010
The Hard X-ray Milky Way

June 2010
IGR J13042-1020: a massive black hole in spiral galaxy NGC 4939

May 2010
INTEGRAL provides the sharpest view of the hard X-ray sky

April 2010
Improved positions for unidentified INTEGRAL sources in the 4th INTEGRAL/IBIS sky survey catalogue.

March 2010
Massive Stars in the Cygnus Region

February 2010
High energy transients in the Magellanic Bridge

January 2010
What are the FERMI/LAT sources ?

December 2009
First constraints on the hard X-ray morphology of the Crab nebula

November 2009
The High-Energy emission of the Crab Nebula with Integral SPI

October 2009
The new sources of the 4th INTEGRAL/IBIS catalog

September 2009
IBIS/PICsIT detects high energy prompt emission from Gamma Ray Bursts

August 2009
One in four AGN is Compton thick in the local universe

July 2009
SGR 0501+4516: a high-energy blast from a new 'dead' star

June 2009
Galactic Nucleosynthesis

May 2009
INTEGRAL mesures a polarized signal from a Gamma-Ray Burst

April 2009
AXP 1E 1547.0-5408 - a magnetar observed through the shields

March 2009
IYA 2009 - Students investigate our dynamic Galactic Bulge

February 2009

January 2009
Discover and identify binary stars through serendipitous INTEGRAL/OMC observations

December 2008
6 years young and moving on.....

November 2008
INTEGRAL traces the low luminosity population of Gamma Ray Bursts

October 2008
X-ray and hard X-ray sources in our Galaxy

September 2008
Origin of high energy emission from the Crab Nebula identified

August 2008
INTEGRAL chases obscured active galaxies in the deepest extragalactic hard X-ray survey

July 2008
The changing faces of HZ Her / Her X-1

June 2008
Highly obscured IGR sources - The nature of the companion star

May 2008
The Rapid Burster observed in a very active Type II burst state

April 2008
Hard X-ray emission from the extended shell of the supernova remnant RXJ1713.7-3946.

March 2008
The Galaxy in hard-X/soft Gamma-Rays

February 2008
New clues on the origin of Galactic positrons from INTEGRAL

January 2008
INTEGRAL unveils particle acceleration in Eta Carinae:

December 2007
IBIS Compton mode image of the Crab pulsar in the 200-500 keV energy range.

November 2007
Celebrating a mature high-energy astrophysics mission

October 2007
IGR J22517+2218=MG3 J225155+2217: a new gamma-ray lighthouse shining from the edge of our Universe

September 2007
Accreting white dwarfs, a growing number of new high energy sources

August 2007
HESS J1616-508: likely powered by PSR J1617-5055 ?

July 2007
GRO J1655-40: A black hole transient without a break

June 2007
Diagnosing the trace of supermassive stars

May 2007
INTEGRAL unveils the obscured sky

April 2007
INTEGRAL probes large scale structure of the local Universe

March 2007
Optical classification of unidentified INTEGRAL sources

February 2007
The third INTEGRAL/IBIS survey catalogue

January 2007
A quiet Galactic Center

December 2006
IGR J17497-2821: a new X-ray Nova

November 2006
SPI images the sky at energies from hard X-rays to soft gamma-rays

October 2006
Too few Compton-thick AGNs to explain the Cosmic X-ray background

September 2006
Gamma ray emission from Cassiopeia A

August 2006
Enjoying a lively conference in Moscow

July 2006
INTEGRAL/IBIS sees Gamma Ray Burst outside Field of View

June 2006
Hard X-ray emission from the Galactic ridge (GRXE) mapped with INTEGRAL

May 2006

April 2006
INTEGRAL observes Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters as persistent hard X-ray sources

March 2006
INTEGRAL observes the Earth

February 2006
An unusual thermonuclear flash from a common burster

January 2006
Galactic Rotation seen in the 26Al line by INTEGRAL

December 2005
INTEGRAL observes fast X-ray transients with supergiant companions

November 2005
INTEGRAL observes nearby obscured AGNs

October 2005
A 'patchwork' of INTEGRAL data for the recent outburst of the transient Be/X-ray pulsar 1A0535+262

September 2005
The Galactic Centre - revisited

August 2005
An INTEGRAL IBIS observation of the Coma Cluster

July 2005
Murphy's law and the OMC

June 2005
A new cosmic high energy accelerator from keV to TeV

May 2005
INTEGRAL SPI observes the gamma-ray lines of interstellar 60Fe

April 2005
The hard X-ray outburst of GRO J1655-40 as followed by the INTEGRAL Galactic Bulge monitoring program

March 2005
A giant outburst of the soft gamma-ray repeater SGR 1806-20

February 2005
Cyclotron lines in V0332+53

January 2005
INTEGRAL insights to the inner parts of the Galaxy

December 2004
INTEGRAL observes a distant (redshift 2.5) lensed galaxy

November 2004
Annihilation in the Galaxy

October 2004
INTEGRAL views a Compton mirror at the Galactic Centre

September 2004
GRB's in INTEGRAL's Field of View

August 2004
The galactic plane in hard continuum X-rays

July 2004
The ISOC Team

June 2004
INTEGRAL observations of EGRET sources in the Norma region

May 2004
Unveiling massive star nucleosynthesis in Cygnus X

April 2004
The Milky Way as seen by INTEGRAL

March 2004
Results of the first year of processing of the IBIS Survey

February 2004
IBAS: The INTEGRAL Burst Alert System.

January 2004
Positron-Electron Annihilation in the Galaxy

December 2003
INTEGRAL hit by solar flares

November 2003
The Galaxy center observed by IBIS/ISGRI

October 2003
Happy Anniversary, INTEGRAL !!

September 2003
The Galactic Centre seen by IBIS/ISGRI

August 2003
INTEGRAL observed from earth!

July 2003
Radioactive 26Al in the Galaxy - first results from SPI/INTEGRAL -

June 2003
INTEGRAL IBIS exposure map

May 2003
Near the Galactic Center with INTEGRAL

April 2003
INTEGRAL observations of GRS 1915+105

March 2003
INTEGRAL observes the Crab

February 2003
INTEGRAL Galactic Plane Scans (GPS)

January 2003
INTEGRAL's view of Cygnus region

December 2002

November 2002

October 2002

September 2002

August 2002
The Proton launcher for Integral

July 2002

June 2002

May 2002

April 2002
The INTEGRAL spacecraft in the ESTEC cleanroom with solar arrays deployed

March 2002

February 2002
The first images of a real X-ray source (Am 241) obtained with the two JEM-X instruments after installation on INTEGRAL.

January 2002
First shadowgram obtained with the IBIS telescope in ESTEC.

December 2001
IBIS DU integration

November 2001

October 2001