INTEGRAL LOGO How to prepare and submit a Proposal

The following steps are required:

1. Preparation:

2. Prepare your proposal(s) locally, using the AO-3 documentation, the proposal tools, in particular your down-loaded PGT.

3. Check the completeness of your proposal by reading chapter VII, section 8 of the AO-3 Document "Policies, Procedures and Forms".

4. When ready, submit your proposal using PGT. Warning: be sure to save your proposal on your local disk. The deadline for Proposals submission was Friday 29 October 2004, 15:00 CEST.

5. You will get, by E-mail return, an acknowledgment of the successful reception of your proposal as well as a Proposal ID.

6. The Proposal ID is to be used in PGT if you want to re-submit your proposal (after modification).

Good luck!