The 2nd INTEGRAL Workshop

"The Transparent Universe"

16 - 20 September 1996 in St. Malo, France.

The proceedings have been published as ESA SP-382 in March 1997 as scheduled. The 700 page book contains apx 60 oral and 150 poster contributions covering INTEGRAL related scientific and instrumental aspects. Each registered workshop participant will receive one copy.
Additional copies can be obtained as follows:

+ fill in the order form which can be found in each issue of the ESA Bulletin, or,

+ consult the ESA Publication Division Home Page, or,

+ contact:
The Bookshop (attn. Mr F. de Zwaan), ESA Publication Division, ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, 2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Phone: +31-71-5653405, Fax: +31-71-5655433

The reference is: The Transparent Universe: Proc. 2nd INTEGRAL Workshop, Eds: C. Winkler, T.J.-L. Courvoisier, Ph. Durouchoux, ESA SP-382, 1997
The price is 100 Dutch Guilders (apx US $50).
Update 03 April 1997 Christoph Winkler