X-Ray Monitor JEM-X

Principal Investigator: with collaborating scientific institutes in Denmark (DSRI Lyngby), Finland (Metorex Espoo, U Helsinki), Spain (U Valencia, INTA Madrid), Italy (IAS Frascati, U Ferrara, IFCAI Palermo, ITESRE Bologna), USA (NASA/GSFC Greenbelt), Sweden (Observatory Stockholm), United Kingdom (U Cambridge), Poland (Copernicus Center Warsaw, Space Research Center Warsaw), Russia (IKI Moscow). 
The Joint European X-Ray Monitor JEM-X supplements the main Integral instruments (Spectrometer and Imager) and plays a crucial role in the detection and identification of the gamma-ray sources and in the analysis and scientific interpretation of Integral gamma-ray data. JEM-X will make observations simultaneously with the main gamma-ray instruments and provides images with arcminute angular resolution in the 3 - 35 keV prime energy band. The baseline photon detection system consists of two identical high pressure imaging microstrip gas chambers (1.5 bar, 90% Xenon + 10% Methane), at nominal gas gain of 1500. Each detector unit views the sky through its coded aperture mask located at a distance of apx 3.2 m above the detection plane. 
Further details of the current design can be accessed here:

Scientific topics to be addressed by JEM-X are concerned with studies of sources which draw upon strengths of JEM-X such as its broad spectral coverage and its ability to detect and resolve cyclotron lines. The source categories are:
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