Recent activity of selected Black Hole X-ray binaries as detected by two X-ray monitors
Name Plot Ra Dec Orbital Period [d]
Average flux [mCrab] Data Average flux [mCrab] Data



This is a monitor using data from Swift/BAT and MAXI instruments.
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Color code for the probability: (rising flux , no change, decreasing flux)
The average flux is calculated as the average of the last 3 days of data, without taking the errors into account.
Please note that the accuracy of the probabilities is limited by the accuracy of the data used.
Release of Monday, the 1st of November 2015

Last updated at 08:30:29 UT

Created as an ESAC trainee project by Eva Laplace. See also the Be X-ray binary monitor .
Supervisors: Peter Kretschmar, Emilio Salazar and Miguel Arregui.

Analysis method description

The analysis is an algorithm computing a flux change parameter by calculating a "relative distance" of two measurements and weighting it according to the instrument used and the given error.

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