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May 2003


Near the Galactic Center with INTEGRAL

This is the 15-40 keV IBIS/ISGRI field of view near the Galactic Center during a 5x5 dither Target of Opportunity observation (proprietary data, PI: A.N. Parmar) of H1743-322 (IGR J17464-3213 = XTE J1746-322) which was first reported to be in outburst on March 21 (Atel #132; see also ATEL's #133, #136, #137, #138, #139, #142 and GCN Circular #2039). The ToO consisted of 3 observations of 75-100 ksec on 3 occasions in April 2003. In the 1st observation the `persistent' targets are indicated in white text. Note that OAO 1657-415 was in or near eclipse in the 1st and 3rd observation. During (part of) the observations two other transients were seen to be active. One is a new transient detected by RXTE, i.e. XTE J1730-318 (see IAUC's #8050, #8054, #8056, #8080, and ATEL's #113, #114, #117, #153) and a new transient detected by INTEGRAL, i.e. IGR J17091-3624 (see ATEL's #149, #150, #152). The 3 transient sources are indicated in red in the 3rd observation.

Courtesy: Erik Kuulkers, Arvind Parmar, Tim Oosterbroek, and the ISOC-team

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