* The exposure maps are in galactic coordinates and units of ksec, and the colour scale is indicated at the bottom. The green lines provide the 100 ksec contour.
* Table rows with a blue background colour indicate Russian Federation proposals. Consult the Data Rights policy for more information on Russian Federation proposals.
* Clicking the proposal ID will show you the abstract, observation strategy and data rights of the corresponding proposal.

* The exposure map including all proposals is available at the following link: AO7_all_proposals.fits

ID PI Title Exposure Map
0720001 Kuulkers Regular and frequent INTEGRAL monitoring of the Galactic Bulge region
0720003 Strong Probing relativistic electrons in the Galaxy and its halo
0720006 Walter Active Galactic Nuclei: jet composition, particle acceleration, high energy emission, and their population.
0720007 Diehl 26Al from the Closest Massive Stars: Sco-Cen
0720009 Beckmann Compton reflection and plasma temperature in NGC 2110
0720010 Sazonov Hard X-ray spectroscopy of two ultraluminous X-ray sources and a low-luminosity AGN
0720011 Revnivtsev Physics of the high energy tail of luminous accreting neutron stars - ultra deep observations of Sco X-1
0720012 Shakura Hercules X-1 -- the detailed study of cyclotron lines, magnetic field and accretion
0720013 Soldi Comptonisation processes in Seyfert galaxies
0720014 Cherepashchuk INTEGRAL searches for change in hard X-ray spectrum during primary eclipse of galactic superaccreting microquasar SS433
0720015 Dean Polarimetric Observations of the Vela Pulsar
0720016 Petrucci The first very broad-band monitoring, from optical/UV to $\gamma$-rays, of a Seyfert I galaxy on a month time scale
0720017 Coe Understanding the X-ray binary populations of the Magellanic Cloud Family - Large, Small & Bridge
0720018 Weidenspointner Continuation of 06K0003: Confirming the Asymmetry of the Positron Annihilation Radiation from the Inner Galactic Disk
0720022 Ajello The ultra-deep INTEGRAL legacy hard X-ray survey (amendment)
0720025 MOLKOV Study of the hard X-ray orbital spectral evolution of LSI+61 303
0720026 Martin Nucleosynthesis and positron annihilation in the Cygnus region
0720027 Den Hartog The stability of the new hard X-ray tail of AXP 1E 1547.0-5408
0720028 Ubertini Deep Galactic Anticentre Survey : an INTEGRAL must
0720030 Martin Explosive nucleosynthesis, annihilation emission and particle acceleration in Cassiopeia A and Tycho
0720035 Wilms Broad Band Variability of Microquasars: Integral observations of Cygnus X-1 and GRS 1915+105
0720039 Grebenev Study of the Large Magellanic Cloud and Supernova 1987A
0720041 Sunyaev Broad view on high energy Galactic background: "Inner Galaxy"
0720044 Tsygankov Broad view on high energy Galactic background: "Outer Galaxy - II"
0720047 Terrier Hard X-ray spectro-imagery of RX J1713.7-3946
0720049 Krivonos Broad view on high energy Galactic background: "Outer Galaxy - I"