Proposal Details - 1120027
Continued Observation of the Galactic Center Region with INTEGRAL (Wilms)

Proposal Abstract

This proposal is a continuation of a two year INTEGRAL Key Programme to observe the area of the Galaxy bounded by -20 < l < +20 and -15 < b < +15. The aim is to study the inner region of the Galaxy, namely, to continue the search for evidence for gamma-ray flares from Sgr A*, including following potential brightness changes after the expected impact of a cloud in fall 2013/spring 2014, to continue measuring the flux evolution of Sgr B2 through 2014, to monitor bursts and flares from the many LMXB neutron star sources, and to enable significant serendipitous science in the Galactic Centre region.

Observation Strategy (Recommended by TAC)

Up to a total of 2.5 Ms split into 50 observations of 50 ks each, using a standard 5x5 dither pattern. These patterns have random centre points, near the Galactic Centre, close to the Galactic Plane, chosen such that the pointings approximately cover a range of +/-10 degrees in Galactic longitude, and +/-5 degrees in Galactic latitude.

Proposal grade: A

Data Rights (Recommended by TAC)

Data rights were granted for Sgr A* only.

Exposure Map

The exposure maps are in galactic coordinates using the Aitoff projection and units of seconds, and the colour scale is indicated at the bottom. The green lines provide the 100, 300 and 500 ksec contour.

Exposure Map