Proposal Details - 1120026
Hard X-ray observation of PSR B1259-63 after 2014 periastron (Li)

Proposal Abstract

PSR B1259-63 is a gamma-ray binary comprising a radio pulsar in orbit around a Be star. To study the hard X-ray activity after the next periastron passage happening within AO11, perhaps concurrent with a new GeV flare, we propose a series of INTEGRAL observations with total exposure of 800 ks. These observations will provide a unique chance to understand the hard X-ray emission after periastron and shed light on the nature of the possible GeV flare.

Observation Strategy (Recommended by TAC)

Total of 800 ks split in 4 times 200 ks INTEGRAL observations, using a standard 5x5 dither pattern centered at RA, Dec (J2000.0, in degrees) = 195.699, -63.836 (l,b = 304.184, -0.992 degrees). The observations should be done ~50-65 days after periastron, i.e., in the period 2014 June 24 to July 10. Two 200 ks observations will be scheduled as soon as the visibility period starts. The remaining two 200 ks observations will be treated as two ToO observations (under proposal 1140029).

Proposal grade: B

Data Rights (Recommended by TAC)

Data rights were granted on PSR B1259-63.

Exposure Map

The exposure maps are in galactic coordinates using the Aitoff projection and units of seconds, and the colour scale is indicated at the bottom. The green lines provide the 100, 300 and 500 ksec contour.

Exposure Map