Proposal Details - 1120009
Coordinated INTEGRAL, XMM and XRT observations of IGR J21247+5058 (Molina)

Proposal Abstract

This proposal is to observe for a total of 700 ksec the brightest broad line radio galaxy (IGR J21247+5058) in the hard X-ray sky. There will be a joint 10 ksec observation with XMM ideally covering the central part of the INTEGRAL pointing, two Swift/XRT observations of 10 ksec each performed at the beginning and at the end of the INTEGRAL measurement, and daily radio monitoring of the source at 15 GHz using the AMI telescope. The goal is to obtain high quality, simultaneous coverage over a broad energy range, in order to characterise both the low and high energy spectral parameters and the weak reprocessing features of the source, also providing further monitoring of this peculiar object, which has complex and variable absorption, at odds with its type 1 classification. The simultaneity of the XMM and INTEGRAL observations, together with the Swift/XRT measurements, will allow to assess the nature of the variability in this source as well as to place stringent constraints on two important high energy parameters: the high energy cut-off and the Compton reflection hump above 10 keV. Compared with previous data, this joint observation can shed light on the nature of a bright and quite peculiar radio galaxy.

Observation Strategy (Recommended by TAC)

Total of 700 ks in the standard 5x5 pattern centred on RA, Dec = 321.16, 50.97 (J2000 in degrees).

Proposal grade: B

Data Rights (Recommended by TAC)

Data rights are awarded for IGR J21247+5058

Exposure Map

The exposure maps are in galactic coordinates using the Aitoff projection and units of seconds, and the colour scale is indicated at the bottom. The green lines provide the 100, 300 and 500 ksec contour.

Exposure Map