Proposal Details - 1120005
Broad view on high energy Galactic background: "Galactic Center" (Krivonos)

Proposal Abstract

This proposal is aimed on obtaining legacy-level observational datasets on the Milky Way Galactic disk. The ultimate goal of the entire project is to have model independent and systematics free measurements of the fluxes in nuclear lines (511 keV annihilation emission, 1.8 MeV Al26 and 1.17 MeV and 1.33 MeV Fe60 lines) and a broad band spectrum of the Galactic background emission, which at different energies is provided either by cumulative emission of faint Galactic source or by interaction of low energy cosmic rays with interstellar medium. Taking into account the unique combination of properties of INTEGRAL instruments - broad band coverage, large fields of view and possibilities to eliminate the contribution of discrete sources from the total measured photon flux, the proposed strategy is the best possible usage of the valuable INTEGRAL time. Wide mapping of the Milky Way during the campaign of Galactic latitude scans also contributes to the legacy of the INTEGRAL observatory, giving the opportunity to study the population of Galactic sources at high latitudes.

Observation Strategy (Recommended by TAC)

Total of 2 Ms consisting of rapid latitude scans across the Galactic plane (l = 0 degrees), between b = -30 and +4, and back to -30 degrees, using a 2 degree step size. Pointing duration is 1900 seconds.

Proposal grade: A

Data Rights (Recommended by TAC)

Data rights are allocated to the analysis of diffuse continuum and line emissions. Data rights on point sources are not a priori reserved to the PIs of this proposal.

Consult the Data Rights policy for more information on Russian Federation proposals.

Exposure Map

The exposure maps are in galactic coordinates using the Aitoff projection and units of seconds, and the colour scale is indicated at the bottom. The green lines provide the 100, 300 and 500 ksec contour.

Exposure Map